So is this the end to offline businesses?

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In a discussion with a travel agency owner today, I came to know how the online travel business have brought down the entire travel market in Himachal and other places. He is now worried about the coming 5 years’ time. Will he be able to generate business in his travel agency the same way he was in previous 15 years or so?

Well the online businesses have already captured the most of the market. It’s not just about travel business only, rather many other shopkeepers will have to think about their future now. A few days back, I was talking to a computer re-seller in Delhi. He was going through a depression stage. When talking about his tension he told me, “The online business have captured the market now. I’m unable to sale any more computers. Earlier people used to buy computers from me but now they call me only for repair and service of their computers.”

He continued, “Even many online stores are are selling the products in higher prices as compared to ours but still people believe in their big marketing offers. They believe that these online stores are providing them best offers and discounts from 20% to 70-80% which is not true.”

He is now planning to move to something else but the question is still there, what should he do now? He said, “I want to do something else now. But for that I’ll have to close my business entirely. I’m not ready for this online thing as I never though about it before. But I’m confused that what should I do now.”

Like him there are thousands of small scale business owners who are confused and tensed about their future. But seriously, all these people need to re-thing about their future plans.

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