Melghat Diaries – Journey to Malnourished Melghat

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It was year 2009, when I was teaching in Mahatma Gandhi Internatimamta-melghatonal Hindi University, Wardha in Mass Communications department. One of my student came with her friend Mamta Karade to discuss about a presentation she was working on. She wanted to present the scenario of malnutrition in India through her presentation. For this subject she was about to use the images from Melghat, a small tribal region in Amaravati, Maharashtra.

The day she brought the photographs of malnourished children from Melghat, my heart told me not to ignore this issue by preparing just a small presentation instead let’s find out the truth behind this situation and make a documentary film about it. Mamta wasn’t sure if a documentary will be a good idea but she had trust on me so for the first time she took me to the Melghat.

The journey of a malnourished region began from that day. Melghat which was also know as ‘Death Valley’ because of the child deaths in this region. Geographically Melghat is a small region with a population of 2.80 Lakh people. The totl area of melghat is under two sub-division (Tehsils or Taluka) of Amaravati called Chikhaldara and Dharani. The entire polulation is of 2-3 different tribes known as Korku, Gond, LuharAjay-Melghat and the Nomads.

The journey was a different experience all over wchich I’ll share on my other posts after this. I completed the documentary after 2 years in 2011 which is available here to watch. But the ground experiences can’t be just described in that one documentary, which I’ll keep sharing through y articles and other small videos which I captured during this journey.

You can watch the Upaasmaar documentary here :

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