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Letter to Chief Minister & Forest Minister of Himachal Pradesh

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Shri Govind Singh Thakur ji, there is no update regarding any development for Himachali Cinema or Himachal Film Policy from the state government or the Department of Language, Art & Culture of Himachal Pradesh or Himachal Tourism till date. After the meeting with Shri Jairam Thakur ji, we had hopes that there will be some action and this time we have a government which is actually thinking about the development of cinema in the state. But there seems a silence all around.Ajay Saklani and Minister Gobind Thakur It was just in the initial days after meeting and discussing the idea with you, the media was full of praise that Himachal Pradesh will soon get the film city and film policy. As you know very well that we have already disagreed on the idea of Film City and all the artists who met you that day had requested you for the film policy. We hope that some necessary steps will be taken soon from your side or by the department of Language, Art & Culture or Department of Tourism, Himachal Pradesh. An unofficial association of artists (Himachal Film, T.V. And Theatre Associates Group & Himachal Film T.V. And Theatre Associates) was formed after the meeting but there seems to be no further efforts from the artists as well. Most of the artists are fighting each other instead of putting in the combined efforts and discuss the idea with you.
During the meeting and after the meeting I received a lot of appreciation from the people within administration and outside for making Saanjh Film and providing an identity for Himachali Cinema. But that praise is not what I was looking for while planning this film. The objective was introduce Himachali cinema to the people and filmmakers. The aim was to create interest among other filmmakers to create content in Himachali language. They have all praised me for my courage to make this film independently. Yes I did  that but I can’t do that again. I can’t make more Himachali language films. And no one else will be able to make a Himachali film for cinema audience. No one else would be able to take this risk of making a Himachali film and presenting it to the governmennt departments just to hear the praise. No one can do anything for Himachali cinema without the government support now. The state government will have to come forward and do something now.
I also came to know that the financial support for documentary and short film has moved one step further and some of the filmmakers are being given the grant to complete their projects. I don’t know how relevant subjects or how many talented directors have the department of Language, Art & Culture have selected. But some of the talented directors whom I personally know, their concepts and work was not even considered in this process.
I also have a humble request from department of language, art & culture to kindly work on your website and at least create an information portal. I am unable to understand, a department which spend millions of rupees every year in the name of development of language, art & culture, can’t even provide us a normal website with updated information?

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