That will be “INDIA”

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  • Young tribal will continue joining SPO’s for their earnings
  • Salwa Judum will keep raping the tribal women
  • All Binayak Sen’s will keep spending their lives in jails
  • Kalmadi has set an example for others to  how to be an ‘Honest Corrupt Politician’
  • Ranvir Sena will keep killing the innocent dalits
  • 20 Marwadi businessman will keep controlling the north-east
  • Many Irom Sharmilla will die in hunger strikes
  • Anderson will always go back to his country with pride
  • Millions of kids will keep dying around the country of hunger
  • Farmers will never stop themselves from committing suciedes
  • Afjal Guru, Kasab will either wait for their sentence or will fly back to their country with the help of Masood Azhar
  • Kashmir will keep burning and pakistan will keep getting warnings from India
  • More and more groups will stand in the name of fight for their own rights which will be again supported by the state for their own purposes
  • Young couples will be killed by their families in the name of Honor
  • Govt. will acquire all tribal land and will sell it to Tata, Mittal, Essaar, and other groups
  • Jindal will keep supporting Khap Panchayats
  • Melghat will never see electricity again as now no politician will visit there
  • Pratibha Patil will enjoy five years of president’s honor and her home district will keep crying for their kids
  • Women will serve their masters always as they’ll never get the chance to live with pride
  • India will turn another USA, where there will be no sensitivity left among people as well


I can see the fragmented India, which will be divided into small pieces and the businessman will rule each part. But if people stand against all this, then also there will be bloodshed. Civil war seems to be another threat to this country. Then neither VHP, no Muslim League, nor Khap Panchayat, will be able to guide the people.

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