India-Pakistan War not a Solution rather an End to Everything

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After #UriAttack, the tension among India and Pakistan increased again. Everyone sitting in their bedroom is asking for a war. Indian media is busy in creating a propaganda. Pakistan media is doing the same on the other side. People on facebook are sharing updates like ‘Pakistan is afraid of India’, ‘Pakistan is running away’, ‘India thrashed Pakistan in Surgical Strike’, and so on. The word ‘WAR’ has become a symbol of attraction to many. This word is being politicize and political parties are using it for their own benefit for the upcoming elections in #Punjab and #UttarPradesh.bjp-propaganda

BJP has already placed big banners & hoardings in UP claiming their victory over Pakistan through #SurgicalStrike in #PakistanOccupiedKashmir (Indian Perspective)/#PakistanAdministrativeKashmir (International Perspective)/ #AzaadKashmir (Pakistan Perspective). These parties are thumping up themselves for this strike. #UPA has also released the dates of surgical strikes during their tenure. Everyone wants to take the advantage of #IndianArmy’s operation.

But the question remains. Is war the only solution for everything? Or is it the end for everything? The opinions are that no one care for the Indian Army. Yes this is right, no one care for the army-men and their families. Neither do government care nor do these so called patriot care for the army. They are all busy in demanding war while sitting in their comforts. None of them ever feel the pain the army families go through. The word war is so much glamorized by these people and the media that people want to see the war. For them war will be the most entertaining for them because they have never seen it happening before. And along with that they just want to give the credit to their supported politicians for fighting with Pakistan.

These all warmongers doesn’t understand that both the countries are #NuclearPowers. If anything happens then none of these countries will be on the map after that. Those who will die in this war will be fortunate one because those who will survive will die rotten. People are appealing to others that get ready to donate blood if war happens but they should remember that you won’t need any blood donors anymore because that will be a mass massacre.

Have we ever seen what happened to the people during the #Hiroshima nuclear attack? No? Here is an animation which will make you realize what happens during nuke attack. You must watch this first.

Fighting terrorism is the main concern and to fighting Pakistan. We all know but don’t accept it that there is terrorism inside India as well. Every militant doesn’t come here by just crossing borders. There is a conflict within too. We must first resolve the issues inside our country then should think about fighting terrorism in other countries or the terrorists crossing borders.

Everyday our defense minister say that we have sealed the border and then after each attack they say the militant came from across the border. If they seal the border properly then how come these terrorist cross the border so easily? There are issues with security within as well. We need to think about them and resolve them first.

Will say again, war is not a solution rather it is the end for everything.

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