What is filmmaking and who is a filmmaker?

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There has been a long discussion about the words filmmasaanjh teamking and filmmakers. When the general public hear this word called filmmaker they can’t make out what does this mean. Sometimes this becomes a critical question to make people understand what does filmmaker and filmmaking means. Here I’d like to share with you the details of a filmmaker and filmmaking. The first question arises is what is filmmaking.


Filmmaking means the process of recording audio-visuals, processing and then presenting them to the public. In other sense we can say that filmmaking is a process of telling a story through films or videos. So the another term which can be used for describing filmmaking is storytelling. But it’s a different way of storytelling. In the earlier time, grandmothers used to tell stories to their grand children. Even when we were kids, our grandmothers also told us such stories. In current scenario, television and cinema has taken the place of grandmothers. Kids nowadays watch cartoons on television which are also as interesting as that of grandmother’s stories. Making a film out of a story is a long process and we will discuss that process in another article later. Films can be categorized in different categories. These are :

  • Fiction Films (Feature & Short)
  • Documentary Films (Feature & Short Films)
  • Animation Films
  • Corporate Films (To promote an organization or corporate)
  • Ad Films (Short TV Commercials)
  • Educational Films


Any person who makes the above mentioned films can be called a filmmaker. A filmmaker is a person who tell his story through films of any genre or category. He/She is the director who work with a team of professionals to complete the task and present the final output to the public.

In our next article we will discuss about becoming a filmmaker. There you’ll find the answers to all your queries to become a filmmaker.

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