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Why I began to write blogs again?

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It was year 2009 when I was teaching in Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha, Maharashtra. Within the 2-3 days of my joining, I faced an agitation from my students against my appointment in the Mass Communication department of the university. Being a young boy and even younger than many of the students, they were not ready to accept me as a teacher. Another reason was appointing a person coming from Delhi instead of any other old student of the university. Well it continued for some months until some students found it useful to attend my classes.

During this time, some articles were written against me in newspapers and in online blogs/journals. The free time which I was spent in the university when the students boycotted my classes forced me to read and right. So I started my first blog Aawazein. I left Wardha exactly after 1 year of my tenure over there and the politics in the university and moved ahead to Melghat, the tribal belt where I shot my documentary “Upaasmar – The Taste of Hunger”. Due my busy schedule I gave up writing and my blog remained untouched for years.

Whenever I found time, I used to write something on my blog but later on I stopped even that too. Now After a long time, even after my busy schedule, my heart forced me to share my feelings and thinking with people who care to read. The current scenario in the country and in our society is forcing me to share my feelings once again. So here I’m writing this first post after 2 years.

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